Meet Our Staff:

Gareth Crossley


As our Learning Centre Director, Gareth is responsible for managing all aspects of our provision at the centre. A home educating Dad-of-three, Gareth has been teaching in a variety of settings for over 15 years.


Gareth plans and delivers the session content, co-writes our curricular resources and manages our extensive resource library.

About Us

Gateway Christian Education was established in 2010 by a group of Christian parents and teachers who believe that God is intimately concerned with the education of our children.

We have each travelled different paths in the journey towards Gateway, bringing different passions and perspectives with us. For some, it is concern about our own children's education and future that have led us to explore home education. For others, it is the desire to see Christian families have the choice of a curriculum that is rooted in the Bible. Yet another desire is to see families released into the freedom to make radical choices about education according to God's purposes for them. However, despite our different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, we are all concerned with the weighty responsibility that is laid on parents both in the Word of God, and by UK law to ensure that our children receive an appropriate education and training.


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Gateway Christian Education is not anti-school. Rather, we are in favour of parents being equipped to make a real choice about the education of their children, according to God's plans and purposes for their families. For some families, that choice will be to home educate. Our goal is to remove as many of the barriers to home education as possible so that every family that chooses to home educate can do so successfully. From the time that the original plan for Gateway began to form, over three years, up until this point, we have been amazed by how God has moved among us and blessed us with material provision and wise advice from veteran home educators.


We know that we are joining a growing band of home education co-operatives and support groups in the UK, and we are delighted to be part of what is happening in Christian Education.

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